Image of Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat and Other Unbelievable Tales

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Dr. Franklin's Staticy Cat and Other Unbelievable Tales


*1st Edition

In Rolli’s latest collection, you’ll find stories about…

A nanny who feeds sweet children – to tigers.

The greatest battle in history – between vacuum

A girl who climbs a tree – forever.

Plus 15 other absolutely unbelievable tales for children.


Paperback: 125 pages
Publisher: knowonder! Books (December, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9859378-2-9


*Highly Recommended* “Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat is destined to resonate with kids who love science and clever storytelling techniques, and who need reassurance that it’s okay (preferable even!) to be a little strange.” – ForeWord Reviews

“Rolli’s stories, with their quirky playfulness and wildly imaginative plots, are a delight and deserve to be a part of every child’s library.” – Transition Magazine

“Delightful stories … certain to charm kids, parents, cats and elephants of all ages.” – Middle Shelf

“Brilliantly original, clever and quirky. Rolli’s stories teem with suspense, science, twists – and cats!” – Sharon Plumb, author of Draco’s Child and Bill Bruin Shovels His Roof.

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