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Mavor's Bones



*1st Edition
*Shortlisted for the 2015 ReLit Award

I have been dreaming
those dreams of meaning
that come from the waters
of dreaming deep
like drowned men
to the gold skin
of the ocean

Company’s come. In a ramshackle mansion, meet a family in the same condition—ancient, decayed. There’s the brooding Duke, and his riotous brother. There’s Grandam, lost in wilds of herself. There’s a vicar, a philosopher, an angel, a ghost or two. And somewhere above them all, in a ruined garret…


"The best book of poetry this reviewer has stumbled across in a long, long time." - Red Paint Hill

"In an already variegated poetry scene, it's saying something to say this is something different." - Vallum

"A mind-bending transformative journey." - Transition Magazine

“Lyrical and shivery. Rolli writes an old style for new generations.” – NxEW

"Original, never-to-be-duplicated characters, plot, and setting." - Transition Magazine

“By turns delightfully black, singingly lyrical and/or innocently nonsensical. Here is a poet outside the mainstream with his own refreshingly original voice and bone(s) to pick.” – Gillian Harding-Russell, author of I Forgot to Tell You

5 x 8 | 121 pages. ISBN 978-1-926716-30-5 (pbk.) | $15.88